ILFORD ALLOTMENT SOCIETY at Loxford Lane, Loxford, Ilford.

FUNDED PROJECTS Ilford Allotment Society (IAS) at Loxford Lane has been fortunate to attract some funding for several projects in recent years. This page describes some of these projects and described as Phase 1, phase 2 and so on.

PHASE 1 Funded Projects IAS was awarded the first grant (referred to as Phase 1 here): this provides four raised beds for disabled and wheelchair users, a partacabin style (replacement) toilets including disabled toilets and a meeting room. PHASE 2 FUNDED Projects. Further funding has enabled provision for eight further raised beds, concrete hardstanding. PHASE 3 Funded Projects This phase of the funding provides for five further raised beds (in progress towards completion as of September, 2015), an Apex roof for storage container, an access ramp, a (10 by 8) metal steel shed, a shelter and arbor facility for recreation and shelter for the user group. PHASE 4 Funded Projects (Draft proposal). The secretary has proposed that once phase 3 has been succesfully completed before winter (2015) sets in, we are planning ahead to expand our "access for all" lottery project usinga new plot of land adjacent to phase 2/3 plots: this will provide additional raised beds for upto 12 additional places. In the Autumn months of August/September 2016, we plan to hold a party to have a celebration for the official opening of the site (the disabled users group). This will be a civil occasion and it is expected that the Mayor of Ilford, the local MP for Ilford South (mike Gapes MP), local councillers, officers from the Council ( department of Vision), volunteers and members of the local community together with the press will be present.