ILFORD ALLOTMENT SOCIETY at Loxford Lane, Loxford, Ilford.

HELLO EVERYONE: WELCOME TO THE ILFORD ALLOTMENTS SOCIETY at Loxford Lane (also known as the LOXFORD ALLOTMENTS). The Ilford Allotments Society was formed in 1926 and at the time was registered as a limited company. Now it operates as a not-for-profit organisation. The allotments at Loxford Lane in Ilford belong to the Ilford Allotments Society, which also includes other allotments in the Ilford area

Council allotments enable a residents to grow their own fruits and vegetables. This can be considered to be a shared project involving people of all ages and backgrounds. The benefits to such persons include:

Recent years have seen an increase in interest in allotments with long waiting lists throughout the country. Normally plots have a shed where plot-holders can keep their tools of gardening and also can rest. Experiences from plot-holders suggest that plot-holders enjoy the sociable aspect and inclusive atmosphere, skills and ideas. Allotments can foster a sense of achievement and community spirit. Allotments also provide food, shelter and habitat for a wide range of wildlife (birds, amphibians, small mammals). Biodiversity is encouraged. Loxford plots has had involvement of local schools which enable children to learn gardening and get involved in the community. There has been some further involvement with the community and the council.

The local community has always been encouraged to take an interest in the plots at Loxford Lane; as the Loxford Lane plots are situated close to some schools and bus stops, a number of people have a clear view of the plots and can make enquiries concrning the plots.

Th Loxford plots have been fortunate to win several funds for some projects which are decribed in the projects page.