ILFORD ALLOTMENTS Loxford Lane, Loxford, Ilford.

HELLO EVERYONE: WELCOME TO THE ILFORD ALLOTMENTS SOCIETY at Loxford Lane (also known as the LOXFORD ALLOTMENTS). The Ilford Allotments Society was formed in 1926 and at the time was registered as a limited company. Now it operates as a not-for-profit organisation. The allotments at Loxford Lane in Ilford belong to the Ilford Allotments Society, which also includes other allotments in the Ilford area. This is the 'About Us' page. A brief description of certain personnel involved at the Loxford Allotments is provided. It should be pointed out that almost everyone at the Loxford allotments work to help ensure good produce does result in their plots.

The Ilford Allotments Society was formed in 1926 and started as a limited company; now it is a not-for-profit organisation.which makes it elgible for funding from public sources. The Vision department of the Redbridge Council manage the Loxford Lane allotments. One of these sources is the lottery fund; several awards from this source has been secured at the Loxford plots.

Current plotolders produce a range of vegetables and fruits in their plots. Thes include common ones such as tomatoes, cabbage, swede and sprouts and also more uncommon ones such as gourd, chillies, hyacinth ( a kind of bean from Bangladash) and some plotholders are trying grow avocados and exotic flowers as well.