HELLO EVERYONE: WELCOME TO THE ILFORD ALLOTMENTS SOCIETY at Loxford Lane (also known as the LOXFORD ALLOTMENTS). The Ilford Allotments Society was formed in 1926 and at the time was registered as a limited company. Now it operates as a not-for-profit organisation. The allotments at Loxford Lane in Ilford is associated to the Ilford Allotments Society, which also includes other allotments in the Ilford area.The Vision department of the Redbridge Council manage the Loxford allotments (this is the link to the Vision department : http://www2.redbridge.gov.uk/cms/contact_pages/c/culture__leisure.aspx) .

Please note that this site is in development: please revisit at a later date for a more information.

If you are interested in the some general information on allotments in the London area please go here. The Ilford Allotments Society at Loxford Lane will also be referred to as the Loxford Allotments or Loxford plots.